The history of wire drawing


Prinzip des Drahtziehens

Interesting little facts on the history of wire drawing and the use of drawing dies...

Very long tradition

Historians are unsure about the exact timing of the development of wire drawing. Some say it was invented over 4000 years ago in ??. Archaeological discoveries of drawing irons dating back to the time B.C. proof that wire drawing started at least over 2000 years ago.

Development in Germany

In Germany, wire drawing started around 700 years ago. In the past, immense human strength was necessary to elongate wires. Today, this is done by wire drawing machines: The wire runs through several drawing dies of continuously smaller diameters. Mounted back to back, this ensures the production of highly precise sizes of wires.

Drawing dies - a basic tool

Drawing dies wear out over time. The abrasion of the wire causes indentations that lower the quality of the produced wires. A professional drawing die shop can polish the worn parts and repair the drawing dies so they can be used again as a bigger size die.

Drawing dies are valuable basic tools, repairing them makes sense!

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