Drawing die production


Wire lengthening measurement


Our drawing dies range in diameter sizes from 0,01 mm (0.0004 in) to
10 mm (0.4 in). We also manufacture custom made dies for unique shape wire requirements, and highest precisions dies.

We produced sets of drawing dies for wire lengthening to guarantee the best possible drawing quality.

Our new drawing dies are available in four different quality options:

Natural diamond dies
Used in fine or ultrafine wire sizes or as finish dies when a superior wire surface is required. Also for multiple wire drawing.

Single crystal synthetic diamond dies
The economic alternative to natural diamond dies.

Polycrystalline synthetic diamond dies
For nonferrous, larger diameters, where demanding wear is a problem, but surface finish is less critical.

Tungsten carbide dies
Very flexible use, ideal for most ferrous wires and large sizes.

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